December 2003 archive


Last week I noticed some flags & spray painted markers on the median between the sidewalk and street (and some on our back yard) near the house. I was very curious as to what they were for … but I constantly forgot to actually call the village about it. Well, I finally called today … …

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This just aint my week…

David’s adventures with laptop hardware.

Parties, Food, & Laptops

Ok, everyone’s gone back home and the breakfast was a success! As before, we bought way more food than we needed. Funny thing though … some of the same stuff we had left over last time, we have left over this time. Ginny has these ideas for dishes that we don’t have time for and/or …

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Happy Holidays!

Well, it’s christmas morning. My folks came over tonight … they spent the evening with my brother Mitch and his wife Gloria (Ginny and I were supposed to go too, but there was far too much to do here). We’re having the family over for xmas breakfast … not that we actually celebrate xmas … …

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Crashing hard drives and routing failures

What a day it was today … Around 6:30 this morning I THOUGHT I heard the phone ringing … but it wasn’t ringing upstairs, so I figured it was on our 2nd line (which happens to be a Vonage Voice over IP line), so I knew it was probably a wrong number (only Steve knows …

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(sigh) Had to rebuild the blog :(

Bloody database got corrupted in the blog the other day! Unforunately, there is no repair tool for the blog database (Berkeley database, if you must know). I’ve switched it to use MySQL … at least that I can probably go in and repair it if something gets screwed up.

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Seasons and Return of the King

Went to see Return of the King today … I have just one word to say about that … WOW. Yes, it was long … I knew that beforehand … but in some ways it wasn’t long enough. I understand they had to cut almost an hour of footage to get it to the 3 …

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Oops, sorry, I was wrong …

… the mind virus I had wasn’t “O Come, All Ye Faithful” it actually was “What child is this”. The singers at Seassons of Long Grove were singing it often, plus it was played at Ginny’s church winter concert.

Dammit … I lost the recipie!

I had this really great recipie for Crock Pot beef stew … and I lost it! Well, I think I’ve found it again … not where I expected to though …

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Ok, we'll see if anything comes of this

I’m not sure I have the discipline to actually maintain this things … but we’ll give it a shot and see what happens. Don’t be surprised if this blog goes poof all of a sudden.