More joy

I woke up this morning around 6am and went downstairs to get my normal bowl of cereal (Grape Nuts, if you must know) … and heard a hissing noise.

A little investigation revealed that it was coming from the pipe that had been ‘fixed’ the previous day. There was a very fine spray of water coming out of the joint the plumber had soldered.

Oh joy.

I ran downstairs and shut off the water to the house, but I figured that if any damage was going to happen, it already did.

Ok, so I’m working from home again while I wait for the plumber.

Around 8am I called the plumbing company and explained the situation. The guy I talked to (supervisor or owner, I suspect) asked if the pipe had frozen … I said “no, it was just leaking”. He told me he’d have someone out in the morning.

Around 11:00 he shows up, with a new blow torch that will let him work in the small space around the pipe.

He spends about an hour and a half fixing it … hopefully for good this time.

I gotta say, I admire a company that stands behind their work.