Do I have style?

Ok, now I understand a little better why Ginny keeps playing with the style sheets on her blog. It’s pretty addictive.

I think I’ve found a style that I like … had to tweak it a bit so that the Google ad doesn’t get overlayed, but no big deal.

‘course, that brings up the biggest gripe I have about CSS …

It’s often quite difficult to figure out what style element is actually controlling the formatting of a page object.

For instance: If you are trying to adjust the Banner on the blog … you have to take into account that the text you are trying to adjust may be a link (<a href=…) and is controlled by a different style element.

Darn frustrating … but I should be used to that by now … computers tend to be like that. They do exactly what you tell them to do … but you may not know what to tell them.

Oh well, live and learn.