Have a good voyage computer

Well, the laptop is boxed up and ready to start it’s journy to Dell’s repair depot in Tennesee.

It sounds stupid … but I really feel like a part of me is missing … I mean, hell, it’s just a stupid computer. A hunk of metal, plastic, & silicon. I’ve got more of ’em lying around here (using one of them now).

Oh well, maybe it will be good for me. 🙂 <yeah, right>

I don’t want to imagine what it would be like if Ginny’s computer malfunctioned for more than a day or so.

Speaking of Ginny’s computer … a few weeks ago she got fed up with having no desk space due to her monitor being so big (it’s only a 15″ monitor, but she doesn’t have a lot of desk space available) … so we went to Best Buy and bought her a LCD flat panel display. Again only 15″, but she really likes it.

Now I’m suffering from a serious case of monitor envy … the LCD display is very sharp and crisp. I’m putting serious thought into replacing my 19″ Sony with a 17″ LCD display.

Maybe I’ll get it as therapy for not having my laptop 🙂 Now there’s rationalization for ya!