June 2004 archive

Parent sells childs playstation as punishment

Hehehe … I love it: Selling Son’s Beloved Play Station 2 For Punishment!

Email from an 'IBM Business Consultant'

I received a rather interesting email from an IBM Business Consultant the other day. Elizabeth said … I wanted to touch base with someone in your organization who is responsible for your technology purchases for your end user needs (i.e. xSeries, Intel servers, Rational software, services etc.) I’m newly assigned to your account for your …

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Globetechnology: Internet attacks can hit your pocketbook

Internet attacks can hit your pocketbook Jim Carroll was stunned when Rogers Cable told him it had received a complaint that a hacker was using his Internet address. Must be a mistake, he told Rogers, his Internet provider. Then a tech helper at the company walked him through his setup and discovered that indeed, he …

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