A few blog changes

Well, for those of you who care (and I know there aren’t many of you), I’ve made some changes on the blog … some of them obvious, others not so much.

First, I’m using WordPress 1.3 alpha 2. Yes, I know … alpha code is untested. But heck, this isn’t exactly a mission critical website. I’m actually checking it out of cvs so I can keep my few customizations intact.

Second, you may notice the removal of the “Links” on the side bar (Over there –>) and the addition of “Blogs that I read”. Ginny got me hooked on Bloglines, which is an online feed agregator. I used to use RssOwl, but it was a pain using it at both work and home. Now that I’m using Bloglines, I don’t get notified that something is new when I already read it at another location. It’s also got a nice Windows tray application that tells me when one of my feeds has been updated.

Next on the list is fix the styles … need to tweak some of the spacing.

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  1. Hmm… maybe I will try Bloglines then… I only syndicate a ton of sites and would like to not read duplicates at work and at home.

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