September 2004 archive


The other day, while upgrading SpamAssassin, I was watching the maillog scroll past. I noticed that AOL rejected some of my mail … indicating a URL that I should visit for information. Turns out some AOL subscriber had reported mail from my server for TOS violations. Obviously in the mail log there is not useful …

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DSLKnowItAll had a hillarious link in his blog to Cartoons inspired by spam contents. Some of them are … disturbing … but most of them are funny. Of course, with the recent release of SpamAssassin 3.0, I don’t get as much spam anymore. Even less than I got with the previous version of SpamAssassin.

Fall at the Botanic Gardens

Ginny and I went out to the Chicago Botanic Gardens today. It was a perfect day for it. Sunny, cool, slight breeze. Of course we had our cameras … took a bunch of pictures, some came out well, others … well, you know. Ginny made some rumblings about wanting a better camera … and …

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Cannot stop device right now

Whenever I try to use the “Safely remove hardware” option in windows to remove the hard drive installed in the modular bay of my laptop, I get the following message: As far as I could tell, nothing was actually using the drive. I’m only using it to backup files on at the present time. I …

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Please send me the log file

Last week I had an experience with a customer that took me aback. I was trying to help them diagnose a problem … in order to diagnose this problem I needed to see the log file from a server. This log file is plain text. It’s readable using notepad, or any other editor that can …

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New Mozilla Releases!

Mozilla released Thunderbird 0.8 and Firefox 1.0 Preview Release today!

SSH Scans

I’ve been the recipeint of a number of SSH scans recently … they seem to be testing a few accounts for obvious vulnerabilities. Kasia has some good pointers for securing SSH against this kind of attack.

GMail Invites

I have a bunch of GMail invites available. If anyone actually reads this, and would like an invite, post a comment with your name & email address and I’ll send you one. The way Google is giving them out now … I suspect they are just ramping up their rollout.