Not watching commercials = crime!

Well, if HR2391 gets passed using a TiVo might become a thing of the past (at least for me).

According to Wired

The bill would also permit people to use technology to skip objectionable content — like a gory or sexually explicit scene — in films, a right that consumers already have. However, under the proposed law, skipping any commercials or promotional announcements would be prohibited.

Of course a sane mind things: Um, you can’t have it both ways … unless the lawmakers require a “C” chip (my own idea) that would note the “Commercial” flag that will be included in the broadcast signal and prohibit use of the fast forward button in DVR’s.

While they’re at it … why not add a “M” chip to automatically block “Morally” objectional content. Not for those who would object, of course, for everyone. Far easier to prevent everyone from seeing the questionable content than just those who might find it objectionable.

Naturally these chips would store any attempts to bypass their usage (like pressing the FF button to get past a commercial) and report the incidents to the proper authorities (since it would be considered a copyright violation).

Ah, it’s a wonderful world we live in.

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