January 2005 archive

Sober Rational Destructive Follower

Via Ryan, I found 20 Questions To A Better Personality. Here’s how my personality breaks down (so to speak) (my notes are in red): Wackiness: 22/100 Rationality: 62/100 Constructiveness: 44/100 Leadership: 50/100 You are a SRDF–Sober Rational Destructive Follower. This makes you a Fountain of Knowledge. You are cool, analytical, intelligent (I try) and completely …

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Ski in Hawaii?

I think weather.com needs to work on their targeting logic a bit. I was just checking the weather in Hawaii and saw the following: Not many places to go skiing in Hawaii I think. Especially with the current temperature hovering around 80F.

It snowed!

And boy did it snow. Probably 8″ last night. Luckily it was pretty light weight, so the snow blower was able to deal with it. There were some parts where it was struggling though. I’m thinking that we’re going to get a more heavy duty snow blower for next year. Definitely a two stage with …

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Control your children!

Oh man … talk about a scene … I was at Galyans after work today to see about getting some stuff for our upcoming vacation. Also at the store was a family … a mother and 3 children. Two of the children were fine… but a third (the youngest, I think, probably around 10) was …

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Open source on the brain

I think I have open source on the brain. This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I was listening to WBEZ … and they played a promo for Fresh Air … Terry Gross was saying “On the next Fresh Air” … but I heard “On a LINUX Fresh Air”. Oh the tricks the …

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Online Pizza

I just ordered a pizza online for the very first time. Both Ginny and I had pretty rough days … and I was kind wiped out from my workout, so we decided to order a pizza from Johnny D’s KoKo Café. We’ve ordered from them before and like their pizza … but we’ve always ordered …

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I just got an email from a UK terminal emulation company … they were complementing me on my website and talking about how they were really interested in ‘partnering’ with me. Correct me if I’m wrong … but I really don’t see how a terminal emulation company could partner with me in any way. It’s …

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Shaded Grey Theme

I just found a new WordPress theme called ShadedGrey by Sadish Balasubramanian. It’s pretty cool looking … I think I’ll try it on for size a bit.

Diet Doctor Pepsi?

Today at lunch, my mom told us that she bought some ‘Diet Doctor Pepsi’, because she knew that’s the soda I liked. Ginny and I almost fell out of our chairs laughing.

Lightly Nerdy?

Update 8-January: I retook the test and came up as a “Mid-Rank Nerd”.

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