Jan 15 2005

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Diet Doctor Pepsi?

Today at lunch, my mom told us that she bought some ‘Diet Doctor Pepsi’, because she knew that’s the soda I liked.

Ginny and I almost fell out of our chairs laughing.


  1. Mitch

    How much humor is there in mom’s pantry? Okay, that doesn’t sound quite appropriate does it?

    Anyway, since she keeps things around for a while, she probably has some old failed sodas that didn’t last the test of time:

    Sprite’s short lived Fairy.
    Fanta’s attempt to horn in on Jolt’s market when they added huge amounts of caffeine – Fanta C
    Hazelnut flavored Coca-Cola – Coke-a-Nut
    My personal favorite, the original name for Diet Mountain Dew, Mountain Don’t.

  2. ginny

    She insists that she is not cute. We know better. 😉

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