Control your children!

Oh man … talk about a scene …

I was at Galyans after work today to see about getting some stuff for our upcoming vacation.

Also at the store was a family … a mother and 3 children. Two of the children were fine… but a third (the youngest, I think, probably around 10) was absolutely pitching a huge fit. Screaming and yelling, running around, and generally carrying on. The mother was absolutely oblivious to it. She was calmly browsing through the racks of gear & clothes, without paying the slightest bit of attention (or, it seems, even noticing) her kid that was making a nuisance of herself.

As it happens Galyans doesn’t carry Teva’s or swimsuits when it’s off season… so I left. Had I not left when I did, I was sorely tempted to go up to that woman and yell at her to CONTROL YOUR DAMN CHILD.

I swear, that kid needed a good slap. The mother too for that mater.

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