Hawaii Vacation — Day 9

We went into Lahina today Ginny wanted to go to church at Holy Innocents of Maui. Steve and I wandered around town a bit until she was done. We did some GeoCaching and found two virtual caches.

For lunch we wanted to find a place called Mala Tavern we knew the address, and figured it would be a 4 or 5 block walk from downtown Lahina. We started walking and couldn’t find it. We walked some more checking the street numbers, but it didn’t appear we were getting any closer.

After walking about a mile, I pulled out my GPS to see where Mala Warf was, and figured we still had another ¾ of a mile to go. Maybe we weren’t fated to eat there anyway.

We headed back to Lahina and ate at a placed called Kimo’s. Not bad, but nothing amazing.

That evening we went to a concert Ginny had seen an poster for, held at the Maui Cultural Center. The event was catered by Mala Tavern! I guess we were fated to eat there. The food was quite good too.

The concert was pretty good although it didn’t have the same atmosphere as the slack key guitar concert.

All three of us had decided to leave the cameras at the condo, because the concert was going to be filmed by one of the performers. Unfortunately there was this absolutely incredible sunset through the mountains that we all wanted to get pictures of. Steve was able to get a reasonable picture with his camera phone, but I doubt it will do justice to the scene.

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