Hawaii Vacation — Day 11

We drove to Hana today.

We wanted to start out around 9am, but because we had to get the car packed, it took a bit longer than we anticipated.

The drive was easy we were not in a hurry, because we are going to be staying in Hana for a few nights.

For those who don’t know, the drive to Hana is along the Hana Highway (Route 360) it is famous for being twisty and turny and it’s 54 one lane bridges.

We made a few stops and tried to find a Geocache (without any luck).

We arrived in Hana, found the place we’re staying at and checked email (priorities, man, priorities).

For dinner were decided to go for a local ‘hole in the wall’ take out place. It closed, however, at 7pm.

We arrived and found it was exactly that a hole in the wall. Just a take out window.

Steve, Ginny, and I, ordered our food and waited. When it was ready, I realized I hadn’t ordered enough (just soup, as it turned out). So I got back in line to order something else. The woman running the place took one more order, then came outside and closed the shutters to close up. With two people standing in line!

Oh well, I guess Ginny and I will just share (that’s what married people do, I’m told).

We got back to the condo and started to eat and found the soup was unbelievably salty. Way too salty to eat. Steve’s soup was acceptable. I had to dilute it with hot water to make it eatable.

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