Hawaii Vacation — Day 15

< sigh > time to leave 🙁

Although I’ve enjoyed this vacation, I’m glad to be going home. Two weeks of sleeping in a bed that isn’t yours is kind of hard.

Although the hotel was generally nice, the toilet dripped incessantly and it drove Ginny kind of crazy. We called the hotel staff 5 times about it, but they never got it fixed. I mentioned this to the person checking us out and she gave us a $50 credit on our bill. That was reasonable I think.

Got the car packed up and headed to the airport. We stopped at the Boarders in Kahaluhi so Ginny could get some reading material for the flight, and then we went to the airport.

Checking in at the airport was uneventful, although we were asked to show our boarding pass 3 times in the space of 100 feet. A bit excessive, both Steve and I thought.

The flight was delayed because it was late leaving LAX (I assume that’s where it came from), but we’re on the way.

It’s now 8pm PST and we’re about an hour from our layover in LA (only an hour or so). We will arrive in Chicago around 5am.

Steve is going to try and meet up with a friend of his on our layover I think he’s being a bit too optimistic (considering we got a late start). Also, his friends’ daughter had a fairly major health issue crop up and she will probably be attending to that.

This vacation was nice, but not the nicest we’ve had. It was kind of awkward that Steve didn’t have anyone with him. I felt sorry for him because his girlfriend, Ruth, had to work. Since it was just the three of us, we only had one car. That kind of limited our ability to go and do things on our own. I think this ended up causing a bit of friction between us. Any rough feelings were very temporary, so no harm was done.

Now those people who are reading this blog might notice that the entries are back dated. This is primarily for security purposes. I didn’t hide the fact that we were on vacation, but I also didn’t advertise it. If I had posted the blog entries as they were written, it would have been obvious that we were away from home. Call me paranoid, but MAYBE someone would think that this would be a good opportunity to boost some computer equipment.

I’m not sure where our next vacation will be Ginny and I have talked about going back to the UK for a trip (maybe spending some of it with my folks) but that hasn’t been discussed in detail.

This vacation did show us how out of shape we are we REALLY need to hit the health club more often. I had been going fairly regularly before we left for this trip, but my back spasmed and I had to stop for two weeks before we departed.

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