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Eh … considering how much promise this season had shown, the series finale was pretty boring.

Tonight had two episodes … the 2nd to last and the last.

The 2nd to last episode was pretty good … good conflict, very good emotion, good action. I liked it. Not as good as some, but better than most.

The final episode, however … (spoilers ahead, don’t read more if you don’t want plot points revealed).

… was just plain ‘ho-hum’. It had Jonathan Frakes & Marina Sirtis reprising their roles as Cmdr’s Riker & Troi in the Next Gen era. The events on Enterprise NX-01 were portrayed through the holodeck.

Riker was presented with a difficult choice … and he was supposed to be using the holodeck experience of Enterprise NX-01’s last adventure to help him decide what to do.

Frankly, I don’t see how the two story lines aligned. The decisions that had to be made were nothing alike.

Plus the fact, and the way, that Trip Tucker died was just plain stupid. You would think, as ships engineer, he could figure out a way to disable a handful of invading aliens without blowing himself up.

And I’m really annoyed that they didn’t have Archer give his speech.

I did like, however, the last few seconds where they had the standard “Space the final frontier…” bit, alternating from Patrick Stewart/Picard, William Shatner/Kirk, and Scott Bakula/Archer with corresponding shots of the appropriate Enterprise version.

Dammit JMS! You really should take the helm of a Trek story. It would be absolutely kick ass!


    • Mitch on 14 May 2005 at 8:25 am
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    I agree completely. Talk about going out with a whimper instead of a bang. Trip panicing and going out the way he did was so out of character. The connections with Riker’s dilema are tenuous at best. I also find it startling that six years later, none of the crew have been promoted. Presumably there are now a few more NX class starships. I really liked the Dark Mirror episodes and a few of the others were interesting, but, for now, good riddance. I’ll satisfy myself with Battlestar Galactica and watching Stargate SG-1 jump the shark.

  1. That is very disapointing. I think they have over extended the fad and are running dry of ideas. They need to take a break and really develop something new. Not just release it right away, but take the time to truely develop the idea and make sure they know where they want to go with it while staying with the Star Trek tradition. Gene Rodenberry did a good job with with the Star Trek and STNG. They did a decent job with DS9, but it sort of faltered after that. I think these writers need to go back to the beginning and watch all of the episodes so they can make sure everything else intertwines into everything else that already existed.

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