Flew out to Seattle from Chicago. Nothing really special. Ginny ran late, so the cab had to wait a few minutes.

Unfortunately, in the rush to get into the cab, I forgot my long sleeve jacket.

Flight was kind of bumpy, but nothing extraordinary. I tried to snooze a bit, as we were going to arrive late.

We arrived, picked up the luggage, and went to collect the car. Since we had originally rented a trailblazer, which was bigger than I wanted to deal with, Ginny had downgraded us to a RAV4. I wanted something that had real 4 wheel drive and six cylinders (since we were driving in the mountains), so we re-upgraded to a ford explorer. This explorer, however, was bigger than any explorer that I remembered. Ginny and I figured that they had upsized the explorer since the last time we rented one.

We got to the hotel around 11pm (thanks to Fred) and checked in. Had some trouble finding a parking place at the hotel due to the size of the Explorer. Desk clerk gave us permission to park in a handicapped spot.

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