My plan to make a million

Here’s my plan to make a million bucks …

  • First, I’m going to take public
  • Then do some good juicy corporate fraud
  • Go to court on a SOX violation
  • Get it overturned on a technicality
  • Retire to Maui on a big golden parachute and some book deals
  • I’ll also do some high level, ‘concept’ consulting, the kind of consulting where companies pay me big bucks and I give them reports that are abstract and obscure … they sound really really good, but are essentially meaningless

Good plan, eh?


  1. Not really insterested. 😉

  2. Mike: You any good at finance? I could use a good CFO to take the fall for me.

  3. Sounds good to me! You willing to share? 🙂

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