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Aug 27 2005

UAW boss drives a hybrid

I drive a hybrid myself, a Ford Escape hybrid. I love it – UAW boss drives a hybrid, worries about gas – Automotive – I like this guy 🙂

Aug 23 2005

Google Talk Available Early

Google’s new IM service is already live. All you need is a Jabber-compatible Instant Messaging client (such as Apple’s iChat, or gaim), and a GMail address. – Slashdot | Google Talk Available Early Ok, pretty cool. I’m online as ‘fallingrock’ if anyone cares to chat.

Aug 22 2005

A Comedy Tonight!

We went to see “A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum” yesterday at Marriott Lincolnshire Theater. It was very good. Lots of energy, good singing, and dancing. The actor who played Pseudolus was hilarious. He played with the audience, mugged with the other players, and was generally fun to watch. I highly …

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Aug 19 2005

Post Office Efficiency

I gotta hand it to the United States Post Office … they are very efficient. Yesterday we received an envelope, from a bank or insurance company, addressed to one of the previous owners of our house. The envelope indicated that the sender wanted return service, so I put a sticker OVER the address window that …

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Aug 17 2005


Found a new online service that looks pretty cool. It’s called GVisit. It uses Google Maps to track where people, who visit your website, are coming from. Click here to see where visitors to Geeky Ramblings are coming from. [tags]Google, maps, cool[/tags]

Aug 16 2005

Downtown Chicago

As previously posted, I had jury duty today … luckily the court I had to go to was at the Daley Center in downtown Chicago. Easy to get to by train and less than a miles walk. One of the best things about going downtown is people watching … and at the Daley Center, there …

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Aug 16 2005

Jury Duty

Yes, I got summoned … kind of a pain, but it’s the price you pay for our form of government. On the bright side … they have a wireless network in the jury room … so at least I can use my laptop. I’m on panel #1 … so that probably means I’ll be one …

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Aug 07 2005

Katie the Wonderdog

We had our friend Jill’s dog, Katie, stay with us this weekend … Jill went out of town and we volunteered to take care of her. Katie was, of course, quite well behaved and fun to have around. She even put up with Ginny and I taking a lot of photos of her. This picture …

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Aug 03 2005

Boycott IE

Boycott IE. It’s a cancer on the Web that must be stopped. IE isn’t secure and isn’t standards-compliant, which makes it unworkable both for end users and Web content creators. – Paul Thurrott I’m all for it. I haven’t used IE for anything serious in months. I think I worried my dad once, when he …

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Aug 01 2005

Dell Support

Yeah … Dell Support again. A few days ago I ordered a new laptop … Inspiron 600m. It’s very similar to my current Inspiron 8600, but has a smaller display (I don’t like the wide display on the 8600), and it has wireless a, b, & g. I placed the order on July 28th … …

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