Jury Duty

Yes, I got summoned … kind of a pain, but it’s the price you pay for our form of government.

On the bright side … they have a wireless network in the jury room … so at least I can use my laptop.

I’m on panel #1 … so that probably means I’ll be one of the first to be called. Much as I understand the need for jury duty, I really hope I don’t get en-paneled … it would really screw things up at work.

Update 5pm: Didn’t get en-paneled … we waited a while in the courtroom, then they sent us out for lunch (very nice day in downtown Chicago, so I enjoyed lunch) and returned at 2pm. We stayed near the courtroom for about 30 minutes and then the judge came out and thanked us for comming down for the day and that we were excused. The balif was back about 5 minutes later with our ‘pay’ for jury duty.
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    • Paul on 29 Mar 2006 at 10:06 pm
    • Reply

    I keep getting jury summonses and I keep ignoring them. Guess what’s happened to me? Nothing! Yessssssss!!!

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