Post Office Efficiency

I gotta hand it to the United States Post Office … they are very efficient.

Yesterday we received an envelope, from a bank or insurance company, addressed to one of the previous owners of our house. The envelope indicated that the sender wanted return service, so I put a sticker OVER the address window that say “RETURN TO SENDER — ADDRESSEE UNKNOWN” and dropped it in the mail slot at my office.

Today the same envelope arrived, with the sticker still covering the address window, back in our mailbox.

I gotta hand it to the post office … it only took them one day to COMPLETELY IGNORE the sticker that COVERED the address window and deliver the envelope back to the wrong address.

I mean please, give me a break … the postal worker who sorted that letter had to move the envelope around to find out our address … because the sticker I put on it was deliberately obscuring the address window.

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    • JM on 13 Jan 2006 at 12:30 am
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    You’ve got to obliterate the bar code on the mail you’re returning with a big black marker or something. The mail is so automated today, that the “facer/canceler” postal machine will see the barcode and send the mail back to your mailbox. Remove the barcode, and the envelope will be kicked back for later human intervention. Yes, even the carriers do not generally read the addresses on the mail they’re delivering; The mail is all sorted down to “carrier route”, and all the carrier does is drop pre sorted bundles into people’s mailboxes.

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