Return Processing Fee

I purchased some software from a few weeks ago … then I found it cheaper at a B&M locally.

I purchased the cheaper copy and tried to cancel the order on amazon… sadly, it was too late to cancel.

I requested a refund and got a shipping label.

As soon as the item arrived, I slapped the shipping label on the box and sent it right back.

I just got an email from amazon indicating they had processed my refund … here’s the refund breakdown…

The following is the breakdown of the refund:

Item Returned Item Refund 86.99
  Per Item Shipment Refund 0.99
Other Costs: Per Shipment Refund 3.99
Non-refundable Deductions: Prepaid Return Label -4.98
  Return Processing Fee -43.50
  Promotions -4.98
Refund Issued   $38.51

<THUD> (sound of jaw hitting floor)

I sent the software back to them unopened, in completely resalable condition … Needless to say, I immediately sent a message to requesting a full refund. If I don’t get the refund, I will contest the charge and refund with the credit card company. A 50% refund fee is absolutely unacceptable.

Update 12:00 — Amazon said the fee was a mistake … and they are refunding me the full amount of the purchase … including the shipping. Case closed.


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  1. holy crap….at least you came out smelling like roses because of their mistake

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