The other day I, while getting ready for our trip to SLC, I came to a minor realization.

That realization was this: Our age is determined by the batteries we use.

Well, at least for me it is … let me explain:

  • When I was young, a lot of my toys needed D cell batteries.
  • As I got older, my toys needed C cell batteries.
  • Once I started getting closer to being a teenager, my toys (and other items) needed 9 volt batteries.
  • Once I became an adult, those items (not necessarily toys now) that need regular batteries used AA. I guess Lithium Ion and NiMH could be considered for this category too, but those don’t get replaced that often.
  • Once I get older … I suspect I will need much smaller batteries … for hearing aids & the like (My parents, who went to SLC also, clued me on this).

I noticed all this when I was packing things to take with me … my bluetooth mouse, hand held GPS, and small digital camera, all needed AA batteries … and I didn’t have enough. Of course, my cell phone (who’s battery is dyeing), laptop, Ginny’s IPOD Mini (she forgot the charger for it), and of course my car, all have Lithium Ion batteries.

Ok, I admit it … this was a pretty weird thing to pop into my head … and a funny thing to have as a ‘realization’. But heck, isn’t that what blog’s are all about? 🙂

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