What are they smoking?

The federal government’s two-year-old anti-spam law is helping to cut back on unsolicited bulk e-mail, but more must be done to fight the problem. Those are the conclusions of a Federal Trade Commission report, released today, on how well the law is working.

ABC News — Spam Slayer: FTC’s CAN-SPAM Report Card

Uh yeah … right.

I think the FTC needs to take a good long hard look at the internet again and rethink their statement.

CANSPAM did absolutely nothing … because the people sending spam are totally unconcerned about the laws of the U.S.

The spam my server receives has only INCREASED in the last year.

And, as long as the internet is unregulated, the spam will only continue to increase.

Please note: I am NOT advocating regulation of the internet.

If the government wants to put some legislation in place to help combat spam … put some penalties on running open relays, open proxies, and failure to implement anti-virus & anti-worm technologies on computers.

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  1. David, we obviously have very different views of the role of governments, so let’s leave it at that.

  2. Ken, does the government put a monitor in my car to make sure I drive over the speed limit? No, but they will pull me over if they catch me going over the speed limit. Same thing could apply to mail servers. They won’t inspect the system, but if it’s reported that I am running an open relay, and confirmed by an officer of the court, I should be hit with a fine.

    I’ll check the comments thing … it’s a beta of wordpress, so there may be a bug. I jumped the gun on upgrading.

  3. David, I realize that you’re not advocating inspection of the computers, but that’s where it would end up eventually.

    IMO governments should only do what is ABSOLUTELY NEEDED at that particular level. Anything else should move down to a lower level of government or stay strictly out of government. Most things don’t NEED any government involvement.

    BTW, the main page isn’t showing that there are any comments.

  4. I’m not advocating them INSPECTING the computers … but applying penalties when their computers are found doing bad things. I would suggest that the individual running the system not be specifically penalized … but the owner of the IP block the system is in. That way the ISP would be responsible for systems in they are allocating IP’s to.

  5. >If the government wants to put some legislation
    >in place to help combat spam

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