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I’m wondering if anyone has actually gotten a satisfactory response from a major ISP after sending a report to their abuse department? I’ve submitted a large number of abuse reports to SBC, Comcast, RoadRunner, etc … but have yet to get any satisfactory response at all. One report I submitted to SBC, via DSLReports SBC …

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Well good evening all. It’s around 11:45 at night and I just got inside after doing a micro-photosafari outside in the snow. As I was getting ready for bed, I looked out the window and saw that it was still fairly bright (due to the light reflecting off the snow)… and the snow was fairly …

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Disable IPV6

You can disable the ipv6 module by adding or changing /etc/modprobe.conf: alias net-pf-10 off After a reboot it should be gone. Note: I only know that this works with Fedora Core 2 and higher. [tags]Linux, IPV6, networking[/tags]


I had a very odd experience today … a very strange confluence of events that kind of freaked me out. I’ve currently got 3 monitors on my desk … one 21″ CRT, one 17″ CRT, and my laptop (MaxiVista gives me a ‘virtual’ display on my laptop). Obviously with that many displays on my desk, …

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Linux Upgrade!

Well, I did it … and, so far (knock wood), it’s working ok. What I did was: Upgrade my Redhat Linux 8.0 system to Fedora Core 4. Last time I tried this it went horribly wrong … there was some kind of problem with the system that caused all available memory to be eaten up …

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Dell Discount

I have some Dell discount codes that I’m not going to use. One is $20 off electronics and accessories purchases of $200 or more. The other is 20% off select desktop and notebook purchases of $999 or more. If you would like one of the codes, leave feedback explaining why you deserve the code. I’ll …

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Happy New Year

Well, another year is came and went. New years eve in the Gibbs household was quite exciting … basically, we stayed home, built a fire, and cooked dinner. Dinner, however, was kind of interesting. Ginny had a taste for potato latke (pancakes)…. and she found an interesting chicken recipie. So we had a truly multi-cultural …

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