We have arrived. Another trip to Maui.

Picked up luggage with no problems.

Got car with lots of problems.

When checking in, we inquired about upgrading to a SUV with 4wd … we’re planning on driving out to Hana later in the trip and taking the back road for the return. Driving with more ground clearance and 4wd would make the trip much nicer. They had a Chevy Envoy. We rented that, but when we looked at it I decided it was too big for my comfort. I went back in and asked for the original midsize we had reserved.
Went to get into that car and received an olfactory assault as soon as I opened the door. It smelled like it had been driven for weeks without every getting cleaned out (or the driver taking a shower). It was also very dirty and beat up.

Told the rental agent and got a different car. This it was a Silver Chevy “Classic … went to the parking spot they said it would be in, but found a tan car. Asked one of the parking lot workers where the car was and, after about 5 minutes of looking, found it.

This car wasn’t much cleaner, but it didn’t stink. It had a LOT of scratches & dings, both inside and out.

Not wanting to deal with another trip into the rental office, we took it… but took extra time to document all the damage.
It didn’t drive well either, but it did drive.

Traffic to Napili was horrible. Took us about 2 hours to get from the airport to the condo.

We checked into the condo … very nice unit. Bed is comfortable and clean. Nice appliances. Internet access is available, but not working at the moment. We were told to check in later to find out when it’s fixed.

We’re obviously still on Chicago time, so we went to bed early.

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