Just another day

Got the Maui News at the front desk … asked about internet access. Was told it was still not working. Darn, I’ll have to download my mail via my phone. Oh well. I can cope. I hope Ginny can too.

Drove around the island a bit … saw a blow hole and surf. Nothing to exciting, but enjoyable,.

Since we were out and about, I decided to take the cell phone charger so we would be sure to have a good charge. I plugged the charger in and got no power. I know the charger works, so it had to be the power outlet in the car. I tried the other power outlet and got nothing. Another strike against the car. Ginny and I decided to see if Avis had anything available, because she knows they had Ford Escapes.

Stopped for a smoothie. Return trip was on a one lane rode that was ‘exciting’. Ended up following a big 4×4 pickup that would win in any argument 🙂

Since we were not quite adjusted to the time zone change, we decided to eat in. We stopped at the Star Market and picked up some light food. Various poke’s, rice, a bottle of pino, soda, cereal, bread, coffee etc.

When we got back to the condo, I decided to see if the internet access is working yet. I plugged my portable wireless router into the ethernet on the cable modem and it worked! I had to agree to their AUP, but after that it seemed to work. Ok, I figure it must be working. I’ll sign up tomorrow. I figure one day charge won’t be too bad.

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