March 2006 archive

Another upgrade

This weekend I’m going to attempt another hardware upgrade. The main mail server for (rivendell) is showing it’s age … mind you, it’s still performing fine, but it’s pretty loud and it’s maintenance contract expired last month. A new contract would have costed $300, while a new server only cost $600. So I got …

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For a while I’ve been using limited greylisting on my mail server with reasonably good success. Last weekend I implemented site wide and I have to say the results are dramatic. The amount of spam (even low rated by spamassassin) has dropped off significantly. Detailed information on greylisting can be found here, but in a …

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Dead TiVo's Aren't Much Fun

Well, our TiVo started to die. For a few months it’s been locking up on us … didn’t seem to mater what it was trying to do. Record, playback, or just sit idle. While we were on vacation, the Linksys WRT54G wireless router got screwed up … so the Tivo wasn’t able to download any …

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