June 2006 archive

Are you prepared?

I had the oddest experience at the grocery store today. I was running some errands, and stopped in at Dominicks to pick up some stuff. I approached the checkout lane, and the cashier said “Are you prepared?” Not knowing what she was talking about, I said “For what?” To which she replied “The end.” I …

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mod_auth_pam and flatfile

The other day I found myself needing to restrict access to a web site to only users who had logins to a system … while also allowing other users, who didn’t have logins, to access. mod_auth_pam was the solution for the users with a login … and standard ‘htpasswd’ access was the answer for the …

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Auction for Bosses Birthday Card

A rather unique group of developers out in Baltimore have decided to go with a different route to collect money for a birthday card & gift for their boss. They are running an auction … the winner of this auction will get their name and website signed on the inside of the birthday card in …

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Fighting Wolves

Someone on one of the lists I run posted this today … I thought it was worth publishing: An elder Cherokee chief took his grandchildren into the forest and sat them down and said to them, “A fight is going on inside me. This is a terrible fight and it is a fight between two …

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Watch Links

No, I’m not saying pay attention to hyperlinks … I’m referring to the links in a watchband. 🙂 I recently purchased a new watch from Amazon.com … it is a Casio Men’s G-Shock Atomic Solar Watch. The watch arrived last Friday without incident … but the watchband, which is metal and has removable links, was …

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