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M. Night Shyamalan

If M. Night Shyamalan wanted to really freak people out … he should make a movie with a totally predictable plot. People would constantly be looking for hidden meaning in each plot point … which won’t be there. Maybe he should throw in a few red herrings … plot points that are just coincidence. [tags]Movies, …

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I Hate CostCo

Ok, maybe ‘Hate’ is too strong a word. Dislike, maybe … prefer to avoid, yeah, that’s pretty close. Mind you … I don’t hate the generally poor layout of the store, nor do I hate the fact that non-name-brand merchandise is generally garbage … I don’t even dislike the throngs of people who, while pushing …

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Beat the Heat

In your house, is the upstairs hot while the downstairs pretty cool? This is the case at our house … but Ginny and I have found a pretty nifty way to help alleviate the problem. I had a small Vornado fan at my office … but haven’t used it in a while (the new office …

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Photo via Flickr

Ok, this picture isn’t all that exciting … what is interesting about it is the fact that it was posted directly to my camera phone via Flickr. FWIW: The picture is of a banner from the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Canon 30D

I bought a new camera this weekend … a Canon 30D. As much as I really like my Digital Rebel, the frame rate has been really bothering me … especially when I’m trying to take wildlife photos. I can only get 3 frames per second … with a 4 frame buffer. This means that I …

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Net Neutrality

Ok, I don’t watch the Daily Show all that much … but I usually get a good laugh when I do catch it. I found this clip, however, on the internet that’s pretty darn funny … it corrects some of Ted Steven’s … um … ‘errors’ that he made when describing what the internet is.

Ups Oops

They gave me a new machine at work a few days ago … along with this new machine came a APC 750va UPS. This is pretty cool, as I’ve been advocating having UPS’s attached to personal workstations for quite some time. I even went to the expense of purchasing my own UPS for my workstation …

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I believe in Duty?

On this morning’s “This I believe” segment of Morning Edition on NPR, they had an essay by 13 year old Ying Ying Yu titled “A Duty to Family, Heritage and Country. To be honest … I feel very sorry for Ying Ying Yu … she is far to young to be as jaded as she …

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Another "Rocky" Movie?

This has got to be a joke … at least I hope it is.

Riley after play

I took this picture of Riley this weekend … I was going for the depth of field with Riley in the background, slightly out of focus, and his cat toys in the foreground. Came out pretty well, I think. I’m need to play around with that stuff a bit more … but I’m getting better …

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