August 2006 archive

Windows Install Complete

Well, the window installation is complete. In general, I’m quite pleased. The windows are exactly what we wanted … very sold, very secure, and they look pretty good too. It took a little longer than originally promised, but that was because the installers were using power tools and it started to rain on Friday. They …

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08-17-06_1214.jpg We’re having new windows installed today! I’m taking better pictures with my good camera … but in the mean time, this will have to do.

FISA and Bush

I guess justice isn’t blind after all … A federal judge ruled today that the government’s warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to it. – Judge orders end to NSA wiretapping — Baltimore Sun In her ruling, Judge Diggs states: “In this case, the President has acted, undisputedly, as FISA forbids. …

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Brookfield Zoo

Well, as you can probably guess, Ginny and I went to the Brookfield Zoo today. It was a really nice day … not too hot, a bit cloudy (but not too bad). Of course, one of the major reasons I wanted to go was to work with my new camera some more. It’s fairly different …

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Phishing Response

Today … like most days … I received phishing spam … nothing new about that. Just out of idle curiosity, I clicked on the link they indicated (a bogus E*Trade site) to see what it looked like … this is a screen shot of what I saw … I have to tip my hat to …

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