Windows Install Complete

Well, the window installation is complete.

In general, I’m quite pleased. The windows are exactly what we wanted … very sold, very secure, and they look pretty good too.

It took a little longer than originally promised, but that was because the installers were using power tools and it started to rain on Friday. They came on Tuesday and completed the job.

I only have two real gripes …

  1. They put a half inch quarter round trim piece on on the inside of the windows … which makes it almost impossible to reinstall the old blinds the way they were. I kind of knew this was going to happen, but I think there should have been a way to put a trim piece up without making re-installation of the blinds difficult.
  2. I was a little annoyed when the installation coordinator didn’t return my call when I needed to change the credit card, but she was able to void the original charge and resubmit on the correct card.

The installers were absolutely the best … a father & son team. Both from Poland. The father didn’t speak a lot of english, but his son was easy to interact with. They installed the windows neatly and securely. They even helped out when I was trying to figure out a way to remount the window blinds. When they were done with the interior, they cleaned up better than our cleaning service.

On a related note … I had a rather annoying experience with ADT related to the windows install.

Because the windows were being replaced, and we have alarm sensors on a number of windows, the sensors had to be removed.

About three weeks ago I called ADT to arrange for someone to come out and remove the sensors from the old windows before the windows were replaced, and then come back to reinstall them when the new windows were in place. The appointment was made for between 5pm & 8pm on Wednesday to remove the sensors and the same time the following Monday to reinstall them.

Wednesday afternoon I left work a bit early so I could be home for the service tech. 5pm came and went, 6pm came and went, so did 7pm. 8:30 rolls around and no ADT service tech. I call ADT and ask when the tech would be out and was informed that they would not be able to make it out today and I should reschedule the appointment for later in the week. Well, the windows were going to be replaced the next day, so that wasn’t an option.

The customer service person I talked to said I should be able to remove the sensors myself without a problem, just power off the system before I do so the system doesn’t report the sensors as tripped.

The next morning I power down the system and start removing the sensors … it was actually quite easy. All I needed was a putty knife and a screw driver.

Obviously reinstalling the sensors isn’t something I will be able to do properly. Especially since at least one of the sensors would now longer be able to be used the same was (it was a single sensor that was bridged between two windows).

I called ADT around 4pm to find out approximately when the service tech was going to be out … so I could be sure to be home. I was told that he had already come by and, since nobody was home, left a note and moved on to his next appointment. Since the appointment was supposed to be between 5pm & 8pm, I said ‘of course nobody was home … the tech wasn’t supposed to be there until 5pm’. Luckily they were able to ‘reschedule’ me for the original time and a tech came out.

Most of the alarm sensors I could have installed myself … but we did need two new sensors because of the bridging problem.

I love the way companies are free to change the conditions of your agreement by simply notifying you … but you are not able to change anything.

Oh well.

Windows are installed, I’m happy.

I’ll be even happier if the windows perform as well as promised and our heating bill is reduced … especially with the cost of gas they are predicting next winter.

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