Category: Don’t try this at home

Jul 02 2007

Sure, it can't hurt

So Ginny and I are making dinner a few minutes ago … just some pasta with a simple sauce. I’m adding some tomato paste to the sauce … I put in about half the can, and ask Ginny “Should I just use the whole can, if we don’t the rest will just go to waste” …

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Jun 16 2007

How to make Steve shriek

My friend Steve showed me this picture today … at first I thought it was simply a ugly phone wiring job that he found at clients site. Turns out it’s actually an ETHERNET connection … that’s currently carrying a gigabit signal. Apparently it’s been working fine for the past 5 years. When Steve saw it …

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Feb 28 2006

Washing Lip Balm

I just washed a pair of pants with some lip balm in the pocket … the washing didn’t cause any problems, but drying caused the lip balm to melt … and stain just about everything that was light in color in the load. I’m not sure how I’m going to get the stuff out … …

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