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Audio telephonic vocal interface

Apr 27 2007

Almost Heart Attack

Ok, my friend Aaron almost gave me a heart attack today. We’re both going to the COMMON conference in a few days … and need to connect up.   So we traded cell phone numbers. Just to make sure I had the right number … I sent him a text message “Did you get this …

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Dec 11 2004

Heaven can be frustrating

My brother Mitch’s version of heaven can be a very frustrating place. Especially during the holidays. I went to Frys today to pick up a new phone … the cordless phone in the family room is beginning to give up it’s ghost and I figured it was time to get a new one. I decided …

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May 20 2004

Yahoo! News – Coming Soon: A Cellphone Directory

Yahoo! News – Coming Soon: A Cellphone Directory After years of anonymity, the numbers of most of the nation’s mobile phones will be compiled later this year in the first wireless directory. Talk about a stupid idea! Now a phone solicitation will cost you money even if you don’t buy what they are selling. Thankfully …

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May 17 2004

Cellular Reception

While we were in Mesa Verde National Park … which is in the middle of nowhere … I was able to get a reasonably good cellular phone signal from Verizon. The signal tried to be digital (which would have been nice) … but after spending about 30 seconds each call trying, it gave up and …

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Feb 11 2004

Verizon needs better proof-readers!

I took the LG 4400 phone back to Verizon because their ad slick indicates that the phone has a speaker phone … but the documentation (and phone) does not give a hint of it. Apparently, they KNEW about the misprint! The only thing they would / could do for me was change phones … which …

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Feb 05 2004

New phone

I returned the Audiovox 8900 phone today and got a LG 4400 from Verizon. I decided that the ‘gee-whiz’ features fo the 8900 just didn’t outweigh the defects (as I perceved them). The 4400 has everything I really need … and only one feature that would be nice to have that isn’t there (speakerphone). Interestingly …

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Jan 30 2004

Who designed this phone?

Well, Ginny and I got new cell phones yesterday. Ginny wanted to get a picture phone … and I thought it would be kind of cool to have one too (ref: future post about camera envy). I’ve been less than pleased with the SprintPCS so we decided to get Verizon service. Mitch & Steve both …

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