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Aug 15 2013

Freezer Frost

Have you ever had frost build up in the ice dispenser chute on your General Electric side by side refrigerator? I did … and it took me a bit of time to figure out what the problem was. At first I thought it was a bad seal on the door of the freezer. But the …

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Apr 23 2011


The roofers just left after doing a complete tear off and re-shingle. They did a very good job and it looks great. … I do have a few take-away’s from this particular home project … Make sure the roofer looks at the INSIDE Of the house as well as the outside before giving a firm …

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Jul 25 2010


For many years we’ve had a serious drainage problem in our back yard …. every time it rained, we would get a big puddle in the back yard that would stick around for at least a week.  The picture to the left is the back yard 3 or 4 days after a heavy rain. At …

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Jul 07 2010

Utility Conundrum

I’ve got a bit of a conundrum about utilities … specifically, the Cable TV utility. In the last few days Ginny and I had a major drainage issue in our back yard fixed.   We hired a landscaper to install drain tiles and pipe to collect water that was pooling in the back yard and …

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Dec 07 2009

Real Estate Appraisals

A recent experience has got me wondering how many errors are made in the home mortgage industry. Ginny and I are in the process of applying for a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) so we can do some improvements to the house in the next few years. As part of the HELOC application, they …

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Jul 04 2009


Thanks to a hint given to me by a twitter friend, we purchased a refurbished Roomba 530 from Woot last week. The unit arrived on Thursday … and I plugged it in to get it charging as soon as I got home.   I positioned the charging base in the corner of the dining room …

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Dec 28 2008

Frozen Sump Pump

As I mentioned a few days ago in twitter, the outflow pipe of our sump pump froze. I had gone down stairs to get something from the utility room and found that the sump pump was running … and didn’t stop.   The pump sounded OK, but no water was draining from the pit.   …

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Oct 24 2008

Installing Hardwood Floor

Kind of a busy two weeks … Ginny and I were on vacation.   Because of the cost of our last vacation (England & Ireland), we decided to make this a “Staycation” … basically stayed home and didn’t go anywhere big. One of the things we wanted to was finish the floor in the smallest …

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Sep 13 2008

Testing the sump pump

Considering the weather today, it seems to be a fine time to test the Aquanot backup sump pump. It’s taking quite a while for the water level to go high enough in the pit. I’m a bit worried that the float on the pump is too high. Problem here is that once the water goes …

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Aug 03 2008


Ginny and I decided to get a new furnace & air conditioner this year … with the price of natural gas going up, we figured it would probably make sense to get a more efficient furnace … and our A/C has always been kind of wimpy. As I always try to do, I got at …

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