Where is my Super Suit?

Ok, talk about a panic. A few weeks ago I attend the System i Innovation Award banquet at the COMMON conference. This was a formal affair, suit and tie, but all my suits were pretty old … since I don’t wear them to work (only once or twice a year), there hasn’t been a driving …

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Film at 11

The article I mentioned before has been published! It’s in the May issue of IBM Systems Magazine. Since it’s not online (yet?), I’ve scanned it for those of you who do not have a subscription. Not a bad photo, if I do say so myself.

Another Article!

Heh … I’m going to be famous yet again! A few weeks ago I was interviewed by a Neil Tardy of IBM Systems magazine about The interview went well, and I was really pleased with the first draft Neil sent me. Turns out the magazine wanted a photo of me for the article. So, …

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Another upgrade

This weekend I’m going to attempt another hardware upgrade. The main mail server for (rivendell) is showing it’s age … mind you, it’s still performing fine, but it’s pretty loud and it’s maintenance contract expired last month. A new contract would have costed $300, while a new server only cost $600. So I got …

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There is definitely something to be said for being recognized by people … even if they don’t know your face, knowing your name is enough. At the Spring ’05 Common conference I’ve been recognized by quite a number of people … and it’s quite flattering. My intentions with are not to be a glory …

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I just got an email from a UK terminal emulation company … they were complementing me on my website and talking about how they were really interested in ‘partnering’ with me. Correct me if I’m wrong … but I really don’t see how a terminal emulation company could partner with me in any way. It’s …

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This was a bad weekend

This weekend was supposed to be a nice quiet, calm, time… I had planned to spend it getting some files organized in the two filing cabinets I purchased from MKS (getting rid of old stuff in anticipation of our move to new digs). Friday was the company holiday party … it’s always been enjoyable … …

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New Server

I got a new server … it’s a Dell PowerEdge 420SC … I’ve named it Gondor. I originally tried to install Fedora Core 3 on it via NFS mount, booting from a compact flash disk, but it didn’t take. Not sure why. So I burned the CD’s and installed from there. Worked like a champ. …

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Mailing list runs afoul of Rolex

As a mailing list operator, I found this item quite interesting … Rolex wants spam removed from list archives. It has come to Rolex’s attention that your company is the Bulletin Board operator for Your Web Page enables the following vendors to advertise and conduct sales of counterfeit and infringing Rolex watches bearing the …

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iSeries Blog

I’ve created a new blog … I’m hoping it will provide a place for iSeries folks to share their thoughts in a more ‘journalistic’ sense. Not much activity yet … but I have high hopes. Check it out when you get a chance …

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