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Renting Glass

As many of you probably know … I’m a shutterbug … I put myself in the ‘serious amateur’ category. My camera of choice is a Canon 7D … and I have two lenses currently.  A Canon 70-300 zoom and the lens that came with the camera and a Canon 28-135 “kit” lens.  Both have in …

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Camera Bags

Over the years, I’ve owned a number of camera bags … some better than others. I thought I would take a few minutes and give you a rundown on the camera bags I’ve seen and what I thought of them. The first bag I had was a Tamrac 515 … it’s a nice little bag …

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Clean Optics Redux

Back in October, I wrote about having forgot to clean the filter on my camera … well, it turns out that the stain on my filter wasn’t actually causing the spot on my pictures. There was actually a stain on the filter… but the spot on the pictures was actually being caused something on my …

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Waterfall Digital Photography

I really like photographing waterfalls

Clean Optics

Well, I learned a hard lesson today … make sure your optics are clean before taking pictures. I spent two days taking a huge number of pictures … and, after transferring them to my computer, I found that there was a water stain on my UV filter … and that stain showed up on EVERY …

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Camera Shops

The Chicago suburbs seems to have a distinct shortage of camera shops. I’ve been looking for a new tripod to replace my old one (that broke). I went to Helix in Lombard … they had a good selection, but nothing that I really liked. Wolf Camera in Schaumburg had a someone more limited selection … …

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Camera Recomendation

The following is a post I made to the LUNI mailing list regarding digital camera recommendations … I thought I covered a lot of good suggestions, so I figure I would post it here too. Someone on the LUNI mailing list wrote: What brand of digital cameras do people on the list use? Right now, …

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Brookfield Zoo

Well, as you can probably guess, Ginny and I went to the Brookfield Zoo today. It was a really nice day … not too hot, a bit cloudy (but not too bad). Of course, one of the major reasons I wanted to go was to work with my new camera some more. It’s fairly different …

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Canon 30D

I bought a new camera this weekend … a Canon 30D. As much as I really like my Digital Rebel, the frame rate has been really bothering me … especially when I’m trying to take wildlife photos. I can only get 3 frames per second … with a 4 frame buffer. This means that I …

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Riley after play

I took this picture of Riley this weekend … I was going for the depth of field with Riley in the background, slightly out of focus, and his cat toys in the foreground. Came out pretty well, I think. I’m need to play around with that stuff a bit more … but I’m getting better …

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