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mailbait redux

For anyone who runs a mailing list and has gotten pummeled recently with a rash of subscription attempts, they may be coming from A while ago I blogged on how to block mailbait, but it appears they have changed their host. Their new host is ‘’. I suggest you update your web server configuration …

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Adding Envelope Sender in sendmail

Fair warning: This post is pretty darn technical and is of little interest to people who don’t muck around with Linux and/or mail servers. Recently I had a problem with someone on a mailing list where they sent obvious spam. The problem was, they were a subscriber to the list and had posted before …

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Snow Days

As you might have noticed (or heard), the Chicago area has had a bit of snow recently. Lots of people are off work because the the streets are impassible. Ginny’s home, there’s just no way she could have gotten to her office. Due to this contraption they call “The Internet”, and an invention called “VPN“, …

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Thunderbird message list out of sync

Sometimes I find that the message list in Thunderbird gets out of sync with the message bodies. When this happens, if I click on a message in the list, the message body that is brought up doesn’t match the subject. I found a easy solution … just shut down Thunderbird, delete the corresponding .msf file …

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Net Neutrality

Ok, I don’t watch the Daily Show all that much … but I usually get a good laugh when I do catch it. I found this clip, however, on the internet that’s pretty darn funny … it corrects some of Ted Steven’s … um … ‘errors’ that he made when describing what the internet is.

Say NO to Backup MX's

Word of advice … with a few exceptions, there is absolutely no need for most organizations to implement backup MX’s. In fact, if they are not setup and managed very carefully, they can cause significant harm to an organization. In the past week I’ve had two people on my mailing lists get their subscriptions suspended …

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Google Secrets Out

Google have recently filed a US patent which reveals a great deal of how they rank your web site. Some of it you could never of guessed at… – Great Site Ranking in Google The Secrets Out This is a very interesting read. I am not, as a rule, all that concerned with search engine …

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