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Feb 16 2006

Famous again!

The folks at

May 12 2005

I'm famous now

Well, I’m famous now … this blog was mentioned prominently in the May edition of eServer Magazine: iSeries Edition ENGPGM column (written by Ryan Rhodes) titled “iBlog — iSeries bloggers are popping up around the internet”. This blog, Mike Wills, and Colin Williams‘ blogs were mentioned. My IMHO blog was mentioned too. I wonder if …

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Mar 02 2005

I was interviewed today…

… for eServer Magazine, iSeries Edition! The topic of the interview wasn’t particularly ground breaking … just about being an iSeries Blogger.

Oct 15 2004

iSeries Blog

I’ve created a new blog … I’m hoping it will provide a place for iSeries folks to share their thoughts in a more ‘journalistic’ sense. Not much activity yet … but I have high hopes. Check it out when you get a chance …

Oct 14 2004

Change port that the iSeries FTP server listens on

This post has been moved to the IMHO blog.

Aug 09 2004

Same old same old

ZDNet is running an article titled “IBM overhauls iSeries for the long haul” where it’s discussing how IBM has revamped the iSeries (AS/400 … i5 … name du’jure) for the modern age. I dunno … I still don’t see a ad’s on the TV touting the iSeries. I think there were some implied iSeries ad’s …

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Aug 06 2004

Computers – then and now

At work, our ITS support person is going to be transplanting our development system from one set of hardware to another (slightly more powerful). He sent out an email annoucing that he would be doing a full system backup tonight (always a good idea when doing a major system change). He indicated that he would …

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Jul 29 2004

iSeries Blogger Button

Ok iSeries Bloggers … now WE have a button! I would suggest you reference it like this: <a href=”” title=”IBM iSeries — For when you can’t afford to be out of business”><img src=”/images/iseries-button.png” alt=”IBM iSeries”/></a> Feel free to use the button graphic on your site … but, please, copy it to your own server instead …

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May 24 2004

gethostbyname pays attention to blanks?

I was working on my current project at work today and ran into an odd problem … a host name (that existed) could not be resolved. The only different thing about the host name is that it was retrieved from an iSeries using JDBC. I could ping the host without a problem … so I …

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Nov 15 2003

I got a 'thanks' online

Jon Paris wrote an article for the online version of iSeries magazine that was based on a thread started in RPG400-L. At the tail end, he noted the 10th anniversery of the creation of Thanks Jon 🙂