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Car go vroom vroom (and somtimes it doesn't ... 'cause it it's a hybrid)

No Priuses Allowed

In an effort to criticize John McCain’s economic policies and his apparent unwillingness to support “buy American” restrictions including Harley-Davidson motorcycles for the Secret Service, a group of American-made hybrid car owners and Harley riders rolled into downtown Grand Rapids, MI on Tuesday to support Barack Obama. The only stipulation for participation? Hybrids had to …

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Gas Milage

I was kind of amazed at my gas milage this last weekend … Ginny and I went down state to visit my niece Melissa and we took our bikes (didn’t end up riding, unforunately). These days I average about 32.5 mpg.   With the bikes on the rack in the back of the Escape, we …

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My Geeky Good Deed

The Grey Ghost was slightly overdue for it’s 40K mile scheduled maintenance. So I took advantage of the downtime at work (yes, it’s Saturday … but I’m on a high profile, under-resourced, project with a tight deadline.   I’ll be in tomorrow) to take my car in to the Food dealership and get the work …

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Frozen Wiper Fluid

The only thing worse than running out of windshield wiper fluid on a ugly day is having your wiper fluid freeze up. This happened yesterday, as Ginny and I were on our way back home from my folks house. I’m a little worried, however, about a leak … as I thought the wiper fluid reservoir …

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Interesting Weekend

We had a very interesting weekend … did some fun stuff … saw some thing interesting, and encountered a new situation. First, the fun stuff … we went to the Darwin exhibit at the Field Museum with my parents. It was quite interesting and informative. It covered both his Theory of Evolution, his personal life, …

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Five Ways To Spend Your Gas Rebate

For a nation “addicted to oil,” as President Bush put it, Senate Republicans have a proposal that can only be described as enabling: Put $100 back into the pocket of every taxpayer. The proposal, unveiled Thursday, has been roundly criticized not only by Democrats but also by fiscal conservatives who warn it will widen the …

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Ugly Car

Today I saw one of the ugliest cars I think I’ve ever seen … … an orange Porsche 911. Now I’m not a huge fan of Porsche’s … but I don’t hate them. This car, however, was just plain ugly. Kind of wish I had taken a picture of it.

Top 10 Fuel Ratings

Ford Motor Co., with its hybrid SUVs, is the only American carmaker to crack the top-10 fuel economy list for 2006 vehicles … Ford Escape hybrid SUVs, two-wheel and four-wheel drive, round out the list. – Ford only US firm in top 10 for fuel rating – The Boston Globe Way cool! Although I didn’t …

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UAW boss drives a hybrid

I drive a hybrid myself, a Ford Escape hybrid. I love it – UAW boss drives a hybrid, worries about gas – Automotive – I like this guy 🙂

Clean-fuel tax breaks

Automakers on Wednesday praised President George W. Bush’s call for incentives to boost sales of energy-efficient vehicles, saying the tax credits would help drive more of the technology into the marketplace. – Automakers support clean-fuel tax breaks Ok, this probably the FIRST thing he’s done that I agree with. It feels wrong, and I suspect …

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