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May 28 2011


Vacation time again … This time to the pacific northwest … Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula. We spent the first night in the holiday Inn near the airport … We were going to get in a little late and didn’t want to mess with getting the car an finding parking. Just as well too, ad …

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May 07 2010

Bad Travel Karma

It seems that I’ve got really bad travel karma (see Mauipocolypse and Mauipocolypse 2.0) . I’m currently sitting at the gate in Orlando airport because my original flight (scheduled for 7:15am) was canceled due to weather in Chicago.   The worst part was the fact I had to wake up at 3:30am for the airport …

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Feb 28 2010

Mauipocolypse 2.0

Ha! I’ll bet you thought the Mauipocolypse odyssey was over? Not by a long shot! I’m sure you all heard about the tsunami that hit Hawaii. Well, this threw the entire air traffic transportation system for a loop … at least in relation to travel to & from the islands.

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Feb 27 2010


Well this is a fine capper for the vacation … at 6am this morning we were woken up to the sound of the Tsunami alert siren. The earth quake in Chile caused a tsunami wave that’s going to hit the Hawiian islands. Current estimates are that a 6′ to 8′ wave will be here around …

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Feb 26 2010


No trip to Hawaii would be complete without a Luau … and this trip is no different. Ginny and I went to see the Wailea Marriott’s Luau titled Honua’ula. We’ve been to a number of luau’s in the past … some good, some not so good. We’ve actually been to this Luau in the past …

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Feb 25 2010

Slack Key Guitar

We went to see the Slack Key Guitar concert again … this is a very enjoyable concert series that we’ve been attending for a number of years. This concert featured ‘Uncle’ Richard Hoopii, who is a a leo kiekie (falsetto) singer.

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Feb 24 2010

So Much Time, So Little To Do

OK, yeah, so I rubbed it in a little when tweeting with my friend Liza the other day. But it’s really true … Ginny and I have few specific plans … and a lot of time. We’ve spent a lot of time relaxing, snorkeling, relaxing, driving, relaxing, etc.

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Feb 20 2010

It was worth it!

The arduous journey to Maui was worth it! The sun is shining, the air is warm & smells of tuberous … I’m slathered with sunscreen … and there’s sand in my shoes. In a word: Paradise.

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Feb 13 2010


Off we go on another adventure. Well, ‘adventure’ is a strong word … as we’re going back to Maui … an island we’ve been to a number of times. None the less … a much needed, and well deserved, vacation. Unfortunately, the trip didn’t start out that well … a series of very bad airline …

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Mar 01 2009

Big Island

Second half of the vacation is done … this time it was to the “Big Island” of Hawaii (which is named Hawaii, just to confuse us). We did get some snorkeling in … but not as much as we would have liked to. Did a bit of exploring, no geocaching, and very little hiking. The …

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