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General Headers

This plug-in provides the ability to add static html headers & footers to all pages on a WordPress site.

Download: here


1. Upload the full directory into your wp-content/plugins directory
2. Activate it in the Plugin options
3. Add your headers to the options page.

(pretty simple, eh?)

Frequently Asked Questions

Works it with all WordPress versions?

It should, although it’s only been tested on WordPress 2.3.1.


If you like this plug-in, consider sending me a donation. Information on how to do so can be found here.


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  1. Josh Arcadia

    Ok, can you give me 1 sample on what can I use?

    1. david

      Ok, can you give me 1 sample on what can I use?

      Take a look at the source for this blog … in the headers you’ll see “start general-header header” and “end general-header header” html comments … the text between those two comments is what I developed the plug-in to insert.

  2. david

    Josh: The general headers ‘header’ is showing up fine … but it’s not valid HTML for the position.

    The header shows up between the <head> and </head>, and you have <p>Test</p>, which isn’t valid.

    The general headers plug-in is meant to add generic headers to the page, such as meta tags, tracking information, etc. Not text that shows up in the page banner or body.

  3. Josh Arcadia

  4. david

    Josh, can you provide me a URL for the blog you have the plug-in installed on? There are HTML comment markers inserted by the plug-in.

  5. Josh Arcadia

    Well, installed and inserted some code and I can’t see nothing… can you give me an example of header and/or footer?

  6. david

    You put the code that you want to add to the header.

  7. kux


    very nice plugin. a newbe question: after installing and activating the plugin, what should i copy on the field (where the placeholder ist: )? the code of the customed header or the URL, or only the filename (like, header2.php)???

    thank you very much

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