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WordPress export / import is broken

Folks, this is just a warning for those of you who might be considering using the WordPress Export / Import functionality to transfer your blog to another server. Be aware, it appears to be broken … at least in the 3.0 release.

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WordPress XML-RPC error

I’ve encountered a weird error in WordPress … for some reason, when a post is submitted using the XML-RPC api (which is used by the WordPress iPhone app), any leading ‘<‘ symbols on the HTML is being stripped out. Ginny noticed this a few days ago and I just confirmed it on a test blog. …

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Slower, with more bugs

Gonna get me some of these.


For those of you who aren’t aware … the 17 year Cicada are out again. Here’s what they look like … lovely, aren’t they? Oh, it gets better … they are very well known for the amount of noise that they make … care to listen? Download link The sound is their mating call … …

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