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Mar 24 2007


Woke up at the normal time but the boat was strangely quiet. Half the passengers were gone. They had to get up at 4:30am to get transferred to the airport for a 7am flight. We decided to wait until most of the people who had deadlines were gone, so we just relaxed on board. Around …

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Mar 22 2007

Virgin Gorda

We weren’t feeling up to going to ‘The Baths’ today, so we decided to just stay on board. That’s disappointing, as I’ve heard ‘The Baths’ is pretty interesting.

Mar 20 2007

Saint Barths

We realized that the one bottle of Dayquil wasn’t going to last long enough, with both of us not feeling great, so we wandered around town a bit looking for a drug store & grocery store, maybe the beach. Found the stores, never got to the beach. The drug store was interesting, as they carried …

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Mar 19 2007

Saint Martin

Work up around 6am still feeling lousy. We decided to go ashore to find some cold medicine. Had a very light breakfast of some honeydew melon and toast I’m sure that anything heavier would screw me up something fierce. Turns out that every morning the captain hosts a ‘Story Time’ where he tells us what’s …

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Mar 18 2007

Ahoy Mate

We’re on our way … wake up at 4am, cab arrives at 5am, flight is at 7am. OMG am I tired. Arrive at San Juan, find a place for lunch. Nothing special, but ok. Fly to St. Martin in a puddle jumper. We sat right next to the prop. After clearing customs, we went to …

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Mar 17 2007

Preparing to leave

We’re off on another vacation … this time to the Caribbean for a Windjammer cruise and some time on the British Virgin Island of Tortola. Riley has figured it out he’s seen the duffel bags and knows we’re going away. He’s not in a good mood. Ginny has a cough that hasn’t gotten any better …

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