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Chase Bank Fail

I had a very frustrating experience with Chase bank yesterday. I wanted to pay down the balance of our home equity line of credit to zero. I did not want to close the account. The pay down amount isn’t obvious on their web site, so I called their customer service. The woman I talked to …

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Tivo Customer Service

Thursday, I had a very disturbing experience with Tivo customer service. In the past, on the rare instances where I had to call Tivo’s customer service department, I’ve always had a very pleasent experience … my problem or question was cleared up right away with minimum of fuss & bother. Last   Thursday, however, that …

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REI Schaumburg

I gotta hand it to REI Schaumburg … they handled a (relatively) minor customer service issue perfectly. A few weeks ago Ginny and I went to the newly opened REI store in Schaumburg. I had a few things that I wanted to pick up … including a new parka. The jacket I have now, as …

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