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Yahoo SMTP Deferrals Take 2

Well, our good friends at Yahoo are at it again. Once again they are deferring mail for no apparent reason. Nothing has changed on my system and yet they haven’t accepted a message to deliver to one of their users in 3 days (maybe more).  And, of course, there’s no way to actually contact a …

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Abuse Addresses

Most ISP’s and network providers have specific email addresses that you can report abuse to. These addresses can be looked up using a whois tool. Recently, I’ve noticed a number of those addresses that just don’t work the way they are supposed to.

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Legal Disclaimers

I’ve always suspected this about the legal disclaimers that are becoming ubiquitous at the bottom (and sometimes top) of email messages from companies that employ attorneys … … they are mostly, legally speaking, pointless. Lawyers and experts on internet policy say no court case has ever turned on the presence or absence of such an …

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By now everyone’s probably heard about the data breach at Epsilon … which resulted in a lot of major eCommerce vendors customers mailing list getting stolen. Personally, I’ve gotten notifications from Chase, Walgreen, Tivo, Best Buy, 1-800-Flowers, and a few others … informing me of the breach and assuring me that no critical information was …

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Spam Observations

I’ve noticed an interesting trend in the comment spam I’ve been getting (luckily few of it gets through). There seems to be three basic categories …

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Yahoo Abuse Feedback Loop

A few days ago I discovered that Yahoo had created a email abuse feedback loop system. Based on my experiences with AOL’s feedback system, I really didn’t have high hopes for Yahoo’s efforts … but decided to give it a shot anyways. I signed up to get abuse reports for midrange.com messages.   It took …

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