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Six Degrees

OK, this is a bit of a stretch … but the connection between IBM i and IBM Watson just got a tiny (very tiny) bit smaller. Many people (especially those in the IBM i community) know that Watson runs on the Power 7 CPU (Power 750 to be exact) … the same chip that IBM …

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Author Bio Plugin

Last night I wrote another wordpress plug-in … It’s called “Author Bio” and will add the authors biographical information (from their wordpress profile) to the bottom of the a post (only when the post is on a single page, not on the main page). More information can be found on the plug-in page.

Plugin: General Headers

I’ve created a new plug-in for WordPress.   This one let’s you add arbitrary static headers to all the pages in your blog. Details can be found on the plug-in information page.

WordPress Tags to Technorati

I’ve written my first useful WordPress plugin! In WordPress 2.3, they introduced a new tagging feature … which I think is pretty nice … but I haven’t found a plug-in that lets you turn those tags into Technorati tags. I’ve played around with a few dinky little plug-in’s in the past … but they were …

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