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Sep 18 2008

Bad Video Card

My poor little Laptop … something’s gone wrong with it’s video card. A few days ago I was watching a video on the laptop and something went horribly wrong … the video got completely corrupted.   Even rebooting the system didn’t help.   My initial thought was that my external monitor had gone casters up, …

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Nov 05 2007

ADT Finally

Well, ADT finally came and installed the new wireless backup unit. Of course the upgrade wasn’t without it’s hitches … The guy who came wasn’t exactly the picture of professionalism. I assume he was a contractor and not a regular ADT field service engineer. The analog wireless unit was originally mounted in the basement … …

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Oct 15 2007

ADT Once More

Yep, ADT missed another appointment.   At least they called before hand.   That doesn’t mitigate the fact that I took off early from work again. I don’t know why I expect anything better from ADT … they’ve established a clear pattern. I’ve rescheduled once again … I’m seriously thinking of calling ADT tomorrow, speaking …

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