Monthly Archives: May 2011


Vacation time again …

This time to the pacific northwest … Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula.

We spent the first night in the holiday Inn near the airport … We were going to get in a little late and didn’t want to mess with getting the car an finding parking. Just as well too, ad our flight was delayed by two hours. We arrived at the motel around 1am.

The next morning we picked up the car (a nice ford escape, non hybrid) and headed to our first stop in Port Angeles … Colette’s Bed & Breakfast. Continue reading

Blog Database Fixed

Sorry it took so long, but other things had a higher priority.

I finally got around to writing a program that will update the current blog’s database with the content from the old database.

This is to correct the import problem that I discovered a few weeks ago.

I really should put together a bug report for wordpress.

Of course it would be even better if there were a mechanism to convert a single site wordpress blog to a multi-site blog, so these kind of issues would be avoided.