Although I’m not actively consulting … I am available for assistance on a number of technology related projects.

This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following …

  • Mail server configuration & maintenance.
  • Mailing list hosting and inhouse server setup & maintenance.
  • Lightweight web server hosting.
  • ISP technical point of contact.
  • Home networking (wired & wireless).
  • Simple PHP programming (PHP is not my forte, but I can figure out most of what I need to do).

My rates are quite reasonable, although I do have to restrict my work to off hours (I have a day job, you see).

For those items I do not have time to do, or lack the necessary skills, I have a wide network of individuals who are readily available to assist that I can refer you to.

If you came here looking for WordPress plug-in’s.  Sorry, but I’m no longer working on those.  If you wish to take over one of the plug-in’s I created, feel free.