But I *NEED* Windows!

I volunteered to help out our QA guy at work by running some of his regression tests on Implementer over the weekend.

I figured, even if I don’t have my own computer available, I can use Ginny’s system.

Unforunately, her monitor isn’t big enough to display the desktop at work.

So, I have to install XP on my scorched earth machine (named Mordor, btw) … but I don’t have any free space on the linux partition and I don’t want to repartition it.

Luckily I have a spare 6gb drive … that should be enough to install a very basic Windows XP. I install the extra drive in mordor and the primary slave.

XP, however, has other ideas … it turns out that Windows doesn’t like getting installed on anything other than the primary drive.

Ok, I can work around that … I temporarily unplug the linux drive, make the 6gb drive the primary, and install XP. Everything is cool, right?

No, of course not … I configure grub with (what I think are) the necessary entries to boot windows off the 2nd drive, but it won’t boot. Can’t find the OS.

I do a bit of research and find this site that describes the process. I gave it a try, and whadda ya know, it works! This blog entry was started on Linux and finished on Windows.

Now I just have to get current on all the Windows patches and install anti-virus software.